Whether on stage or on record Max Feinstein is bent on spilling his guts while encouraging others to do the same.  The Jersey City songwriter’s “progressive grunge” sensibilities and chameleonic voice combine to create a thoughtful brand of noise that celebrates vulnerability and catharsis

Written during the heart of the COVID-19 while undergoing intense physical therapy for an elbow destroyed by a lifetime of hemophilia, Borderlines combines tribal intensity with psychedelic haze into an unflinching look at the rage and depression that often accompanies a life of chronic illness. 

The accompanying music video, directed by CourTney Collins, has been screening internationally and will be shown at the upcoming 8th Annual Hungarian Disability Festival in Budapest.

For fans of The Mars Volta, Soundgarden, Porcupine Tree, and Mastodon.


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“an epic soundscape that is every bit as complex, vulnerable, creative, and honest as the masterful musician that moulded it.”

- YACK Magazine

“Feinstein does not play a role here, from what I can hear, this is a piece of the puzzle that he is. This honesty cannot be staged, this outbursts of passion and feelings are real. “ 

- KMS Reviews

“an aesthetic unlike anything we've heard, with a unique vocal timbre and a frenetic interpretation that sounds great through the complex guitar riffs and a dose of psychedelia.” - Boteco Indie